Awesome Easy Website Builder Overview

Any enterprise must have a website. Nevertheless, you are able to draw much more attention via the internet by having a site which displays the most updated trends in website design. These are literally qualities that will put your product discovered in advance of the competition.

Simple Website Builder

This gets even better. Now, you can develop a fantastic internet site concerning your company without programming or development knowledge. The 8b Simple Website Builder is the tool for this project. It is free of charge as well as easy to use.

What is 8b Online Website Builder?

8b Tech Ltd has just recently introduced an Online Website Builder that permits people to create their web page by using their phones.

In the simplest terms, the 8b AMPWeb Page Creator is a tool you can easily apply to build your web site even though you do not have coding expertise. The adaptable elements of the 8b Easy Website Builder keep it realizable for you to work with the tool off- and online. This way you can certainly have fun including and designing components of your website project to build a site with modern-day and responsive functions.

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8b Easy Website Builder is a straightforward and cost-free Site Creator that may be utilized on- and offline. That browser-based app is based on Google AMP in order that your web site will load much faster on smart phones. Individuals can design a mobile-ready website by using this app.

AMP represents Accelerated Mobile Pages. In these times, a large number of users utilize their mobiles to explore internet sites. Thus, a mobile-friendly website can load faster on their mobile phones. You will probably be impressed to realize that 8b Web Page Maker assists in making a mobile-friendly web page. This particular Page Creator incorporates 2 technological innovations such as Bootstrap and Google AMP. Both these technologies are best recognized to build a mobile-friendly, responsive, eye-catching, and fast loading website.

How 8b Simple Website Builder Works

8b Simple Website Builder is an user-friendly system and you can easily use it with no issues. Check out the 8b homepage and seek "Create Site for" Section and you can find the menu with the headline "Select Here". Right here you are going to find a range of design templates and you can go for one according to the topic of your firm. The platform provides themes for agency, consulting firm, event, gaming blog, hotel, writer, lawyer and so on.

Website Maker

The stages on how the Easy Website Builder operates are very few considering the plan is to offer simpler methods of designing sites; learn all of these basic steps, and your site is ready to be viewed by viewers.

Step 1: Get 8b Landing Page Generator app and install it on your cellphone.

Step 2: Select a theme from the many accessible themes that concern different specific niche to start working on a new site.

Step 3: Start enhancing your web site by dragging sections of tools you need your web page to feature, and place them where that suits you.

Step 4: Your web page is prepared to be released when you finish enhancing it to your needed taste. This must be the last step of the process excepting there is some thing you want to transform, at that point do not hesitate to go some steps back and edit appropriately. Publishing your web page puts it out to guests and target traffic to flow in to view your contents.

8b Themes

Online Website Builder contains more than 17 themes available on the system and you might make use of these themes to develop the web page for your business.

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The templates of this Simple Website Builder are well-suited for folks who want to have sites for e-commerce, recreation, games, real estate, law or hospitality solutions, article writers, and wedding planners.

Positive aspects

The entire article talks clearly of the actual benefits for which you should decide to use the Simple Website Builder with regard to your projects. We are going to sum up the encouraging features into these few advantages that consist of:

  • That generates trendy web sites that are very mobile-friendly by having a limitless number of webpages.
  • The web developing procedure is exciting and proficient.
  • The application provides a superior easy to use interface.

Online Website Builder

  • You do not need to learn any coding languages.
  • Web sites are conveniently managed when required.
  • The platform is adjustable that it makes it possible for you to utilize your own backgrounds in template you choose to utilize.


Finally, the ease at which you can utilize 8b to produce a website from scratch is nearly incredible. And as soon as you are ready, with a couple of clicks, you can share your website, putting your brand name out there, to a world-wide target market.

Use it right away absolutely for free, sign up and begin building your internet site in minutes.